We Need Shade Trees in Moore Road Freshwater

We Need Shade Trees in Moore Road Freshwater


We need more shade trees in Moore Road that is the major thoroughfare between Freshwater Beach and its Village.  Casual observation reveals that it is largely bereft of shade trees. This has been the case for decades.


It is time to plant a boulevard of trees all the way from the Beach Reserves to Albert Street


Friends of Freshwater sought to include a tree scape request  in its submission to the NBC Beach Reserves Master Plan, with limited success.


Common stands of shade trees have served suburbs well and a number of Freshwater Streets thrive on the amenity. Trees are even heritage listed in Soldiers Avenue, Wyuna and Kooloora Avenue.


Here is a photograph of one of a common stand of street trees currently flowering in George Street, Manly.

This is the Ivory Curl tree (buckinghamia celissima). It is a good street tree with minimal leaf drop and long, sweetly fragrant creamy white flowers from spring until autumn. It provides good shade and would make a great improvement to Moore Road.

Residents of Moore Road who are members of the Friends of Freshwater have indicated that they would be prepared to assist with the planting of trees. (see our facebook page)

Also, if necessary we would be prepared to apply for grants from DPIE or even the Cancer Institute to raise funds for this purpose, should Council not have the requisite funding

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contents of a message written to NBC Council 4/3/2021