Real Time Energy Mix Graph of Carbon based vs Renewable source for our electricity

Real time Energy Mix

For those of us that are keen to move away from the current carbon based energy supply system and adopt new Electric Vehicles (EV’s) it is interesting to watch this Realtime chart that displays the mix of current energy sources for our Electricity. Infrastructure is rapidly changing and it should be our goal to make Wind, Hydro, Solar Panels,Batteries and other non carbon based sources our future.

In Australia and our local community we rely on electricity in most cases from our local energy provider.
Below is a realtime graph from Renew Economy of the current energy source mix by state with the overall demand at the current time. Watch it over time and you will see how the mix changes.
It is an invaluable current guide to the ever changing demands, source and issues in breaking away from our old sytem of burning coal and or gas for our energy supply.
We encourage the conversion to using EV vehicles and are promoting the expansion of EV charging stations in our area with more on street recharging which will only help reduce our overall carbon emmissions by selective sourccing of power to reduce the effects on climate change.
AEMO wants exists to encourage more renewable sources.

Use this as a guide:

By dragging your cursor over each bar graph you can deteremine by State the mix of energy source




Black= Coal

Brown= Brown Coal

Red= Gas

Green= Wind

Orange= Large Solar Farms

Light Brown= Roof Solar

Blue= Hydro

Pink= Battery Storage

Weather (clouds), wind and day or night affects the mix