Freshwater Beach MasterPlan – Comment finish Aug 14 2022


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Freshwater Beach and surrounds is a popular destination for local residents and visitors alike. It is often described as a special place that brings the community together.

In 2017-2018 we worked with our community, including a committed project working group, to develop the Freshwater Coastal Open Space Masterplan. This document set out some high level recommendations for upgrading the public open spaces, meeting future recreation needs, improving connectivity and celebrating the heritage of the area.

We now invite you to view and share your thoughts on the more detailed concept designs for the Freshwater Beach area. These include a new playground, new ramps and shared footpaths, a new public artwork and a new lookout with terraced seating.


The Friends of Freshwater has submitted a general response and we encorage all interested in making their own comments.

Below is our ‘ Friends of Freshwater submission’ and our thoughts:

Beach Reserve Playgrounds
The plan for the first playground located adjacent to Kooloora Avenue is a significant improvement on what currently exists, which is somewhat dated. It also neatly resolves the risk associated with being close to a busy roadway with the provision of a hedge barrier to deter errant toddlers. It retains a barbeque, but the Reserve needs an additional barbeque options across the whole Reserve. It is also a plus that it is close to proposed toilet amenities.
The second existing, limited, playground has disappeared and is replaced with a vague “art play” proposal. We have repeatedly stated the community concern at the possible removal of this playground, as it is most valued in its current location.
Public Toilets
We are delighted with the location of the proposed public toilet amenities, as these will permit the Surf Club to retain the existing public toilets on its premises for its expanding membership and Nippers. Being close to a public roadway, this assists with regular cleaning by Council contractors.
It is important to note that although these are an important part of the Plan, they do not even feature on Council’s Capital Works Program. It is essential that these be constructed as a matter of priority and certainly before 2024.
Beach Access (North and South)
Access to the iconic beach from Ocean View Road in the north and from Undercliff Road in the south is problematic and can be improved. In the north. Council recently installed a special pathway to enable prams and equipment to be conveyed to and from the beach. This could be the subject of further consideration as the current solution has the look of a stop gap measure.
In the South there is a relatively steep access way from Undercliff Road. FOF has previously written to Council seeking the installation of a safety rail as this access way becomes slippery in wet weather and slippery when beach sand covers it, as has occurred in recent East Coast Low events.
Way Marking
This is an important part of the Plan and a relatively low cost consideration. The Project Team in 2018 had innovative proposals in respect of way-marking and signage which appear to have been discarded. There needs to be consistent way marking to direct people to and from the beach and particularly from the Queenscliff Steps end and from the Evans Street end. International visitors would clearly benefit from way-marking which currently is largely non-existent.
Beach Reserve Access Ways
The diagonal walkway linking Moore Road to the Surf Club precinct will be well received and reduce pedestrian wear and tear on the Reserve. The reduced gradient of the pathway for disabled, prams and bicycle access will also be well received. The current pathway linking the two parts of the Reserve has stairs in the new proposal which are unnecessary. The current gradient of this pathway can be reduced to allow greater usage by a wider segment of the population.
Shade Cover/Gazebos
A number of Gazebos are planned for the Reserve with hatted rooves. These will be well utilised. A further hatted roof gazebo ought to be located on the concrete platform outside of the surf club café area. It would gain much use, both when the café is operating and when it is closed.
Availability of potable water
The Project team in 2018 made mention of the limited potable water supplies in the Reserves. These are not shown on the Plan. Friends of Freshwater also has written to Council seeking a potable water facility atop Queenscliff Steps and adjacent to Crown Road.
The Ocean View Road Look Out Design
This is an excellent refresh of this under-utilised vantage point. It is made more so with the provision of a ramp for disabled access.
Bridge Street Footpath (leading to Queenscliff Steps)
This element of the Plan has been omitted even though the safety railing is in disrepair and the pedestrian traffic still shares the access with motor vehicles. There is a great opportunity to create a Lookout viewing platform along this short section of roadway.
Implementation Timelines
There are no definite timelines mentioned in the Plan but Council needs to inform the community of when various deliverables of this Plan will be implemented, given the five year hiatus since it was first approved by Council

Playground changes at the end of Koolloora Rd proposal

Ocean View Rd Lookout proposal

Accessable Ramp Plan from behind SLSC to end of Moore Rd (Pilu)


We know that you all can have you have your own comments and encourage you to submit your own – before the last date this sunday Aug 14 – 2022