Freshwater Community Garden

Freshwater Community Garden is now into its 6th year of existence and is a testimony to the persistent work of local volunteers with a small level of assistance from local government.

Volunteers in the unfenced Crown Reserve Garden, tend the plants, mow the lawns, remove the weeds and harvest the crops. Many friendships have been formed during these activities.

These local bottom-up environmental initiatives, according to the Finnish Futures Research Centre have a wider application globally.

Freshwater Community Garden seeks to create an attractive, welcome, shared and safe place to grow fruit trees, vegetables and flowers using sustainable practices, and to promote social harmony and inclusion through building community capacity.

The purpose of the Garden is:

To encourage the spirit of co operation, consultation, community pride and achievement.

To build the capacity of the community through the development of skills and knowledge.

To provide opportunities for formal and informal learning about recycling resources (including garden organic recycling), reduction of waste and water, composting and other techniques associated with sustainable living.

To promote community connection and understanding through meeting and socialising with like minded people.

To co operate with nature to establish and maintain an ecologically balanced and sustainable method of growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and trees.

To support the growth of similar gardens within Warringah and other areas through the provision of information and resources where possible.

Community Garden Membership

A person/organisation must be a financial member of the Freshie Community Garden to hold an allotment and participate in the shared area of the garden.

Friends of Freshwater – Community Garden Plot

(includes Friends of Freshwater annual membership fee)

Cost: $70.00 for a large Allotment (approx size 3 m x .9 m)

Members can apply to the Garden Committee to have the fee waived if payment would cause financial hardship.

Friends of the Garden – For people who do not wish to garden but would like to be involved, can participate in social activities, attend working bees, attend workshops. Also, if Friends of the Garden members have skills that they would like to contribute to the garden, i.e. assist in composting, propagating etc

An annual membership fee of $20.00* per individual ( due every October ) and is included in the Annual Fee

Rules and Conditions of Freshwater Community Garden

Approval Application Payment for Community Plot