The Freshwater Beach MasterPlan



January 20 2023

  1. The master plan has been finalised following community feedback. There are a number of minor amendments, mostly rationalising the amount of new footpaths.
  2. These amendments will shortly be published on our Your Say page on the Council website.
  3. The Council is working hard to complete the playground design package in order to secure a contractor with the aim to build it over the winter of 2023. If the window to build it this winter is missed the playground upgrade will be postponed to next winter as it is too greater impact to undertake these types of construction activities over summer months if avoidable.

    The rest of the masterplan will be progressively implemented over the next three winters.

  4. We anticipate the boardwalk to commence construction in late 2023.
  5. The Wuruna art piece will commence construction in autumn 2023.


UPDATE  the FINAL DRAFT has been released for the Freshwater Beach MASTERPLAN and it is available fo0r comment with a direct link here.


Comment Details –  comments last date Sunday August 14 2022




Local residents and various organisations are being invited to join a Master Plan Project Team to scope and generate policy directions on the use of public areas around Freshwater Beach. When finalised, the Coastal Space Master Plan will be put to the newly elected Northern Beaches Council in September 2017 for approval.

The Plan will encompass improvements for Freshwater View Estate; Undercliffe Reserve; Freshwater Beach Reserve; and the McKillop Park coastal strip from Lumsdaine Drive, South Curl, to the northern end of Freshwater Beach at Ocean View Road. Much of these Reserves have long been in need of upgrading and improvements. Friends of Freshie has continually argued that the missing boardwalk link from South Curl Curl to Freshwater Pool and the beach needs to be finally constructed. As a prelude, Council and volunteers, including Bushlink disabled workers, have done excellent work in returning the McKillop Park coastal strip to its heathland natural state.

The two children’s’ playgrounds in the Beach Reserve need to be upgraded as they haven’t had maintenance upgrades for twenty years. Heritage-listed Freshwater View Reserve, the scene of 4 deaths at Secret Rock in the last five years, needs a plan of Management and nearby Undercliffe Reserve, also needs substantial bush care to bring it back to its natural state.

The Plan does not involve consideration of the dunes.

The Friends of Freshwater has been allocated two positions on this Project Team.

The Freshwater Coastal Open Space Master Plan has been a project by the Northern Beaches Council inroduced in early 2017 and voted on and adopted by council in May 2018. It includes some major changes that approved in principal are yet to have final plans drawn up for community release and comment.

It appears the process having been approved in May 2018, after the earlier community discussion has well and truely begun with their relevant authorities and will be broken down into completion projects to be completed by 2024-25 into 4 separate phases, not including the extension of Curl Curl to Freshwater boardwalk from its current end in front of the ‘Diggers club’ to continue to join directly with McKillop Park via a cliff edge boardwalk for construction by 2021-22.

Here is the current MasterPlan details as published on the Northern Beaches Council site:

The direct link to the NBC Council site is <click here>